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Our radar run was held on February 22nd.

Hope you had fun and thanks for attending!


  The Foxtailers Snowmobile Club is a non-profit organization that manages about 40 miles of snowmobile trails in Wright County. The club's primary missions are to promote responsible snowmobiling and protect the privilege to ride in Albertville, St. Michael, Hanover, and Otsego, but its efforts reach far beyond snowmobile trail maintenance.

The Foxtailers host fun events year-round including safety-training classes, a trail opener party and involvement with Albertville Friendly City Days. The club also makes annual donations to community organizations.

The club is looking for energetic, new members to help promote snowmobiling. Meetings are currently being held the second Monday of the month at 7 pm at the Liberty Legion in St. Michael. To get involved, fill -out the membership form and mail it to the address listed on the form or bring it to the next meeting. Make check payable to the Foxtailers Snowmobile Club.


Club Officers

President:            Eric Swenson        eswenson01@gmail.com

Vice President:    Pierre Mros           pierrebmros@email.com

Treasurer:           Randy Neumann    763-497-3802

Secretary:           Lauren Neumann    763-497-3802










              Cool News 

Albertville Friendly City Days.

 June 8,9&10 Albertville Lions Park


Next Meeting


March 10th at 7:00pm

Liberty Restaurant and Bar

St. Michael American Legion